Why is a new bed important?

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A great sleep can completely transform the way you look and feel – physically, mentally and spiritually. An extra hour or two of sound, peaceful sleep will have a dramatic impact on your life regenerating you to start the day afresh. A great sleep will:

  • boost your energy levels and immune system
  • enhance memory, the ability to learn and make decisions
  • assist cell regeneration to slow the visible effects of ageing

To enjoy great sleep, having a bed that is well matched to your body type and sleep habits is crucial, yet so often people rush this important purchase. So take your time, try several different models, and ask as many questions as you need to when you visit a Sleepyhead retailer. Most of all, don’t think of your purchase as an expense – but an investment in a new you – physically, mentally and spiritually. Our Sleep Selector is a useful tool to help you identify what you need and match you to a great bed. If you like to research and compare check out our Mattress Range which gives you detailed information about the different beds in our range. While you’re researching, we suggest you find out more about the pillow options. Most people don’t realise how important having the right pillow is to a great nights sleep. A sleep solution with the combination of the right bed and pillow for you will truly transform how you sleep.

Things to consider
A bed is an important investment in your quality of life, and when you consider that every $1000 you spend represents just 27cents a night over 10 years, it’s worthwhile investing in a bed that will give you a quality sleep.
The best bed for you isn't necessarily the most expensive one
Everyone has their own comfort preferences and Sleepyhead has a wide range of beds to cater to every unique need and comfort preference. Many of our beds feature a pillow top which adds a soft cocooning comfort layer to your bed. The internal foam and spring technology within a bed gives your body the support it needs to get a great sleep, whilst the pillow top creates the softness on the top of the bed. Everyone’s preference is different, so have a think as to whether you prefer a shallower comfort layer or a deeper comfort layer that will contour to your body. Nothing beats experiencing a bed in person so when you’re in store make sure you check out the different comfort layer options in your bed choice.
The average lifespan of a mattress is about 8-10 years
After this time, if used regularly, a bed may have deteriorated by as much as 75% from its original condition.
An old bed isn't hygienic
Dampness and water absorption within a mattress will also reduce the quality of your sleep and the bed feeling cold to sleep in. We lose as much as 500mls of moisture a night that goes directly into your mattress. Sleepyhead’s commitment to innovation has included research and investment in fabrics that promote drier sleep. Mattresses are also the ideal home for dust mites.
Size does matter
The more room you have in your bed the better quality of sleep you will have, especially if you’re sleeping with a partner. Space around you helps promote undisturbed sleep. Two people sleeping together should select at least a queen and preferably a king or super king size bed to give you adequate space for. It also pays to take into account younger family members who may end up sharing your bed. They may be little, but they can take up a surprising amount of space!
Minimise being woken at night by partner movement
Interrupted sleep caused by your partner moving around during the night is a common occurrence for many of us. We have different technologies such as Sensorzone and Swisstek which help to minimise this partner disturbance. If this is an important consideration for you, make sure you let your salesperson know.
We're not created equal
It’s easy to imagine that the support a jockey needs is different to that of an All Black. We are all different shapes and sizes which means that we each require different levels of support. The Sleep Selector can help you find the right bed to match your personal requirements.
Other things to consider
There are other things that you may want to consider, as they may influence your choice of bed. Have a think about how important these things are so you can discuss them in-store with your sales person.

  • Do you suffer allergies?
  • Do you have a preference for 100% natural products?
  • Do you tend to feel hot or feel the cold in bed?
  • Do you have a personal ‘feel’ preference?
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