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Sleepyhead is part of The Comfort Group, the largest bedding and foam manufacturer in Australasia and is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Our commitment to making our beds in New Zealand is more than just providing local jobs, we know we can do it better…… We are often asked how Sleepyhead has consistently led the market in quality and value for 80 years, while so many other manufacturers have come and gone. One reason is we are a stable family business. The Turner family’s hands-on ownership through the generations has seen continuity of management and an accumulation of knowledge and expertise that is unrivalled. Today directors Craig and Graeme Turner are regularly on the factory floor monitoring, perfecting and improving the way things are done. Another constant has been our passion to produce the best beds – not just in New Zealand, but the world. Constant research and development has produced ‘world first’ innovations such as Sensorzone. We have also made regular, substantial investments in the latest production technology, the most recent example is our Evocell Foam plant, the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. This plant produces Dreamfoam, which is superior in feel, comfort and consistency while being much gentler on you and the environment than standard foam. We’re proud that our commitment to the local production of our beds has created over 1200 jobs across Australasia. This ensures we have full control over the quality of manufacture and the materials used – which must be of the highest grade to meet our stringent quality standards. But perhaps the most vital ingredient in our success is what our 80 years in business has taught us about you, the customer, and what you want in a bed. And because we all come in different shapes, sizes and preferences, we have developed a wide range of comfort and support options. It means you can rest easy there is a Sleepyhead right for your body and your budget. No matter which one of our beds you choose, because it bears the Sleepyhead name you’ll know it has been built with lasting quality. Graeme, Craig, and all the Turner’s before them, will guarantee it.

Sleepyhead. Voted most trusted bed brand in 2014-2018 by New Zealanders.

Not only were we awarded NZ’s Most Trusted Bed Brand for the fifth year in a row, we were also named in the Top 10 Most Trusted Brands across all categories. For us at Sleepyhead, this comes with a great sense of honour and gratitude. Not only do you let our products support you as you sleep, you truly trust us to do a great job at it. Sleepyhead’s owners Graeme and Craig Turner are particularly thrilled “Sleepyhead has always been in our hearts so to know that New Zealanders trust us this much makes us very proud. It also comes with a great responsibility, to ensure we continue to earn that trust”. So thanks NZ, we’re chuffed.

A healthy partnership

Sleepyhead and the New Zealand Chiropractors Association (NZCA) have been longstanding partners because we both believe that supporting your back while you sleep is just as important as looking after it when you’re awake. That’s why all Sleepyhead Chiropractic and Sanctuary bed ranges are endorsed by the NZCA for providing outstanding spinal support. To help support spinal research in New Zealand, Sleepyhead has partnered with the NZCA to raise funds for new research initiatives in New Zealand. For every purchase of a Sleepyhead bed, endorsed and referred by an NZCA registered chiropractor, Sleepyhead will make a donation to NZCA who direct the funds towards chiropractic research and education in New Zealand. If you are interested in helping support spinal research to help all New Zealander’s live healthier be sure to register your new Sleepyhead bed purchase. As part of the program for every:

  • Chiropractic bed sold and registered Sleepyhead will donate $10 to spinal research
  • Sanctuary bed sold and registered Sleepyhead will donate $50 to spinal research

To ensure your purchase helps spinal research, be sure to register your product warranty and nominate your local Chiropractor.

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