MotionComfort Adjustable Bases

Take control in the bedroom. Upgrade to a MotionComfort adjustable bed.

Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort and enjoy a perfect night's sleep on a quality and supportive ergonomic bed that adjusts to suit your sleep with a click of a button. Put your feet up or go Zero-G, there's a position that helps everyone have a more restful sleep.

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Helps reduce snoring and lessen heart burn

The raised head postion, aids in digestion and in reducing acid reflux as the esophagus is elevated and limits stomach acid coming in. This position also alleviates tension on the windpipe which helps to manage your snoring, sleep apnea and asthma better. Raising the head by just 15cm is all that's needed for a better, healthier sleep.

Work hard, play hard

Do you find yourself moving around a lot when watching TV in bed or reading a book? Or, do you need to work from home for the day and want a cosy space to get you going? A MotionComfort adjustable base will help you get into the ideal head up or feet up position with the ease of a remote.

Increase blood flow and relieve lower back pressure

Inspired by NASA's zero-gravity research, the Zero-G position elevates your head and feet for a weightless feel. This elevation above your heart allows for greater blood flow and improved circulation. With subtle changes to your head or feet position, you'll be able to alleviate pressure on your lower back and reduce back pain.

Wireless Remote Control
Whether you're sleeping, eating, working or watching TV, the MotionComfort comes with a wireless remote control enabling you to effortlessly change your position to find your ultimate comfort sweet spot.
Energy Efficient Motor
The a quiet and energy-efficient motor moves you into multiple position options including: Head Up, Feet Up, Zero Gravity and one-touch Flat.
Adjustable Leg Height
Adjustable legs allow you to change your bed's height - 75mm, 150mm, 225cm .

Motion Comfort

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MotionComfort comes with a 10 year frame warranty, a 5 year parts warranty and a 2 year full electrical warranty.

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Can a MotionComfort adjustable base help my sleep?

Sleepyhead's adjustable base and their compatible mattresses are ergonomically created with better sleep and improved circulation in mind. In Zero-G, you'll wake up more rested on a MotionComfort base.

Is a MotionComfort base easy to use and put into any position?

Each MotionComfort base comes with a easy to use wireless, hand-held remote control which makes changing positions as easy as pressing a preset button!

Is a MotionComfort adjustable base good for my back?

Unlike sleeping on a standard bed, an adjustable base with mattress maintains the natural curvature of the spine while you sleep, providing optimal comfort.

Enjoy the perfect night's sleep with our ergonomic bed that adjusts to suit you.

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