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We've got your back with our Chiropractic bed and mattress range, designed for people who need great back support and durability.


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Say goodnight to aches and pains

A bad sleep from a bad back means bad news for you. Luckily, every Chiropractic mattress is designed with the Torquezone head-to toe support system that helps give you spinal alignment and support where you need it most. And did we mention it's endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association? Discover superior back support mattresses today.

We've got your back

As a born and bred New Zealand company, we understand that Kiwis come in different shapes and sizes. Our super strength Torquezone support system makes Chiropractic the ultimate choice when you want a mattress with just the right amount of bounce that meets every back-care need.

Healthy sleep. Healthy life.

Sleep sits alongside diet and exercise as one of the three pillars of health. Our range of Chiropractic beds has been designed to provide support in all the right places. With our moisture management fabric technology and super comfy comfort foam, we've ensured nothing gets in the way of healthy, nourishing sleep.

Treat your back to Torquezone

Torquezone is a revolutionary strengthened continuous coil, designed to give amazing support, reducing back

stress. Super strong coils provide 3 zone support to perfectly cradle your hips and shoulders. This helps maintain optimal spinal alignment and give you a great sleep.

Drytech Fabric

A unique mattress surface design promotes temperature management with the incorporation of Drytech fabric

technology in the sleep surface. Drytech helps pull moisture away from your body, and disperses it to help you sleep comfortably.

Titanium Foam

We've added one of the strongest elements known to man, Titanium, into our foam to supercharge the support

and durability. You'll feel the soft comfort as you sleep with the reassurance that the foam inside Chiropractic won't be compromised.

Torquezone HD

Torquezone HD features even stronger coils that provide 5 zone support. They map the key pressure areas in the

body to allow for pressure relief across your hips, shoulders, thighs and legs - all places where you need the most support, and all helping maintain optimal spinal alignment.

Drytech Fabric

A unique mattress surface design that uses Drytech fabric technology to help with temperature management.

Drytech helps to pull moisture away from your body, and disperses it to help you sleep comfortably.

Titanium GelFoam

We've added one of the strongest elements known to man, Titanium, into our foam to supercharge its support

and durability. You'll feel the soft comfort as you sleep and know that the foam inside won't be compromised with the addition of Titanium, integrated into our eco-friendly gel foam.

Torquezone HDX

In HDX we've made Torquezone even better with an added layer of mini coils on top to create a dual sleep

system. The extra layer provides additional comfort that transitions into support when it works alongside Torquezone. It will also help minimise partner disturbance - so everyone gets a better night's sleep.

Temperature Regulation

We've partnered with US tech firm Kulkote to create a heat-regulating innovation that’s designed to help you

sleep without getting too hot or cold. Inside KülKōte are tiny microcapsules which heat up once you're on the mattress, liquefy inside the layer and start the process of absorbing heat.

FusionGel Titanium

Think of this advanced memory foam as supercharged with the strength and support of Titanium. And alongside

one of the strongest elements known to man, we've added gel particles that help transfer heat away from the body while you sleep to give you a durable but very comfortable bed.



  • Chiropractic
  • Chiropractic HD
  • Chiropractic HDX
Models and structural components in the Sleepyhead Chiropractic range vary and provide a selection of comfort choices. Models may vary between retailers.

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Product Specs

dimension Size Guide

Single: 91cm W x 188cm L
Long Single: 91cm W x 203cm L
King Single: 107cm W x 203cm L
Double: 137cm W x 188cm L
Long Double: 137cm W x 203cm L
Queen: 153cm W x 203cm L
King: 167cm W x 203cm L
Super King: 183cm W x 203cm L
California King: 203cm W x 203cm L
dimension 10 Year Warranty

All Sleepyhead Chiropractic beds come with a 10 year Warranty.

dimension Frequently Asked Questions

How does a Sleepyhead Chiropractic combat back pain?

The continuous coil design of the Chiropractic’s Tourquezone spring covers more surface area than regular spring systems due to its unique design. The result is more consistent and even body support, helping easy lower back pain.

What kind of mattress do chiropractors recommend for back complaints?

The Sleepyhead Chiropractic mattress range has been endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors Association for excellence in chiropractic support. This range could be an ideal mattress for people with back complaints.

What weight can a Sleepyhead Chiropractic mattress comfortably support?

Sleepyhead Chiropractic mattresses are designed to comfortably support two 120kg adults, while Chiropractic HD mattresses can support two sleepers weighing up to 150kg each.

What is a Chiropractic bed?

A Chiropractic is a mattress designed with the help of New Zealand Chiropractors to make the best bed for back support. You'll maintain optimal spinal alignment throughout the night with our strengthened 3 and 5 zone Torquezone support system.

What are the benefits of a Chiropractic bed?

With Sleepyhead's Chiropractic bed you'll sleep better with reduced aches and pains - This is also backed by industry leading backcare professionals! Designed with head-to-toe support where you need it, your body will have complete spinal alignment so, you won't feel those pinches and pulls that can cause discomfort.

We've Got Your Back

Sleepyhead Chiropractic

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