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For consistent even body support throughout the night, the continuous coil design of Chiropractic has no equal.
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Back Care

Head-to-toe support that helps to achieve good spinal alignment and more support where it’s needed most.

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Torquezone® super-strength z-shaped coils will support you, year after year.

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Expert Support

Endorsed & developed in conjunction with the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association for excellence in postural support.

Every back is different

We have a Chiropractic for every back. The New Zealand Chiropractors' Association has endorsed our Chiropractic for postural support excellence.
Climatex Quilt
  • Mattress surface design promotes breathability to keep you cool and comfortable through the night
  • Support, pressure relieving sleep surface
Torquezone HD 5-Zone System
  • Strengthened z-shaped continuous coil 5-zone support system designed to reduce back stress
  • Total support from top to toe, edge to edge
  • Reduces roll out and partner disturbance
Comfort Layers
  • New pressure-relieving comfort layers
  • Selected models contain gel-infused foam to improve heat dissipation
  • Ultra-Fresh protection providing a more hygienic, fresher sleep environment
  • Anti-microbial treatment of the comfort layer foam reduces the speed of allergens commonly found in New Zealand
Comfort Edge
  • Solid foam edge provides support right to the edge of the mattress
  • Reduces the roll out feeling when at the edge of the mattress

There's a Chiropractic for every back

If you suffer from a sore back, we've developed technologies in Chiropractic which give you even body support throughout the night and help reduce back stress.
Chiropractic HD
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Combines super-strength 2.3mm gauge z-shaped coils and Sleepyhead's graduated five-zone system that provides support exactly where your body needs it the most. Gently cradles your hips and shoulders, while also helping to provide optimal spinal alignment. Ideal for anyone wanting a bed that does it all.

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Tired of waking with a sore back? Sleepyhead Chiropractic's strengthened z-shaped springs are arranged in continuous coils that provide top-to-toe, edge-to-edge back support - for everyone.

Where can I buy Sleepyhead Chiropractic?

New Zealand’s leading bed retailers each have their own models of the Chiropractic that has been designed exclusively for them. At the heart of every model is our unique Torquezone spring.
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Got a question about Chiropractic? 
Check out some of our frequently asked questions. If you can find your answer here then please contact us
The continuous coil design of the Chiropractic’s Tourquezone spring covers more surface area than regular spring systems due to its unique design. The result is more consistent and even body support that will stand the test of time. Additional edge support reduces edge roll off and maximises the area that you can comfortably sleep on.  The Chiropractic HD range features a 5 zone support system that is specifically designed to reduce back stress by delivering total body support combined with pressure relieving comfort. Super high gauge springs allow the body to truly relax whilst the Comfort Edge support maximises the usable sleeping surface.
The continuous coil design of a Torquezone support system covers more surface area than regular spring systems due to its unique patented design. The result is a more consistent and even body support that will stand the test of time. Torquezone’s head to toe construction is especially designed to minimise partner disturbance.
Chiropractic HD
The continuous coil design of Chiropractic HD’s 5 zone support system covers more surface area than regular spring systems due to its unique patented design ensuring you have the correct support. The result is a more consistent and even body support that will stand the test of time. The head to toe construction of the Chiropractic HD’s Torquezone spring system is specially designed to minimise partner disturbance.
Allergy Control Pressure Relieving Comfort
Sleepyhead Chiropractic mattresses are available with a number of quality Dunlop Foams comfort layer options and are protected by Ultra-Fresh® to deliver a fresher, cleaner and more hygienic sleep experience by controlling the spread of common allergens including dust mites. Additional Latex and Dreamfoam comfort layers are available in selected models.
Climatex® Quilt: Breathable Sleep Surface
The Climatex® Quilt pressure-relieving quilted sleep surface provides you with a luxurious cushioning effect. With the superfine cell structure of Dreamfoam® made by Dunlop Foams, it offers superior breathability while at the same time minimising uneven wear on the mattress surface.
Models and structural components in the Sleepyhead Chiropractic and Chiropractic HD range vary and provide a selection of comfort choices. Models may vary between retailers.
Most people are a different size or shape to their partner, which is why we use leading technology in our mattresses to help you both sleep soundly. Sleepyhead Chiropractic mattresses are designed to comfortably support two 100kg adults, while Chiropractic HD mattresses can support two sleepers weighing up to 120kg each.

The Sleepyhead story

Sleepyhead is responsible for multiple world-first innovations in the industry and manufacture only the highest quality products.

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