Love Your Planet

Here at Sleepyhead, we care as much about the environment as we do about sleep. We started our journey towards a sustainable future by launching Project Zero. As part of this project, we have made a commitment to creating bedding products that are gentler on the planet and working towards a more circular process.

We started by developing a range of beds that are recyclable, followed by moving away from virgin polyester and working towards using more materials that are either sustainably sourced or upcycled. We have also started to include more natural materials, like natural latex, bamboo, NZ wool, sustainably sourced TENCEL and cotton.

Keep reading below to learn more about some of our Project Zero initiatives.

The Sleepyhead Zero Mattress.

Love your planet, love your sleep

This is the first mattress in NZ that has been specifically designed to be recycled. When a Zero mattress reaches the end of its life it makes its way back to us to be repurposed into new carpet underlay at our local factory. We are the only New Zealand bedding manufacturer with the ability to do this.

Our Zero Mattress is not only recyclable, but it also comes, ready to go, in a plastic free, recycled cotton bag that can be re-used as a handy carry bag.

Sleepyhead Smart Fibre Pillows

Then there is the option of upcycling. We have started using smart fibres made from recycled plastic bottles that would have otherwise gone to landfill. The bottles have obviously been cleaned and fully sanitised before they are melted down and pushed through something similar to a giant shower nozzle. This creates a soft fluffy fibre used for everything from clothing through to pillows.

Our Smart Fibre Pillows are made from this ‘Down Alternative’ recycled material. It has been crafted to mimic the feel and fluffiness of down, without the allergens usually associated with down pillows.

Of course, globally there’s a lot of demand for recycled fibre as more and more companies head down this route. It’s definitely an exciting area that we’re still exploring.

Sustainable Packaging.

We have started to move into biodegradable and recyclable packaging options for our products as well.

We are trialling packaging which is 100% biodegradable using nontoxic additives. It will biodegrade in landfill within three years and leave no residue at the end of the process.

We are starting to use this packaging for our pillow ranges and our product development team is looking at extending this packaging concept across other Sleepyhead product ranges.

Upcycled Carpet Underlay.

One of our other project zero initiatives is recycling ing foam for carpet underlay. What most Kiwi’s don’t know is we actually create our carpet underlays using 100% recycled foam – mostly offcuts.. It’s pretty cool to be able to create a new product out of offcuts that would otherwise go to waste.

The Future

At Sleepyhead, we are on a continuous improvement cycle when it comes to our beds. We are always looking for the latest technology to help Kiwi’s sleep better and the same can be said for our Project Zero – every year we are re-evaluating our targets and ideas and pivoting more and more towards sustainability and closing the loop from production to disposal.

This is top of mind as we are planning the new Sleepyhead Estate development at Ohinewai in the Waikato region. Our vision is to create an integrated industrial hub and affordable housing plan that will be sensitive to the existing natural environment, mana whenua values and help to improve environmental outcomes for the district. Read more about our the Sleepyhead Estate plans here.

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