Love your planet, love your sleep

Zero is designed to be gentler on the planet. When its life is over, the Zero mattress can go back to Sleepyhead to be recycled.

Zero is a mattress in a bag. Purchase it in-store and take it home or have it delivered and the mattress is unrolled and ready in minutes.


When Zero is returned to Sleepyhead, we recycle the mattress into carpet underlay.


Zero is an affordable mattress that's been designed using a sustainable high density Marathon foam for comfort & support.

Introducing Zero
Sleepyhead Zero is the first New Zealand bed that’s designed to be recycled. It’s a sustainable mattress which is gentler on the planet because when you’re finished with it, the mattress goes back to the Sleepyhead factory to be recycled into underlay.


Sustainable sleep

Zero comes with a five year warranty & when you're finished with it, the mattress can be recycled at Sleepyhead to keep it out of landfill.
It’s In The Bag
  • Buy in store and take home, or have it delivered.
  • Cool duffle bag that can be reused for almost anything!
  • Easy to assemble. Simply cut & tear the cotton wrap and unroll then it's ready in minutes.
Foam Feel
  • Zero is made in New Zealand.
  • Comes with a durable, high density foam that is not only comfortable but provides great support so you don't need springs.
  • We've added memory foam to the RV 200 model so you get an even plusher, comfier feel.
  • Low partner disturbance.
Ecoloft Fibre
  • The sustainability story behind Zero starts with the Ecoloft fibre inside the mattress which is processed recycled polyster made of fine granules carefully woven into fluffy fibre.
Fresh Protect
  • Zero has been treated with Fresh Protect to help keep the mattress clean and sanitised against any bugs and bacteria.
  • Ideal for asthma & allergy sufferers.

Zero is available in single & queen sizes and both come in a convenient duffle bag. There are two different models, find out which is right for you.
Zero RV200

In this model, you have a 160mm sustainable & supportive foam core but you get a more plush feel because we’ve included an extra layer of memory foam. It has Ecoloft fibre quilting and has been treated with Fresh Protect.

Zero R170

This mattress is made of a 150mm sustainable & supportive foam core with Ecoloft fibre quilting. The New Zealand made mattress comes treated with Fresh Protect.

Where can I buy Sleepyhead Zero?

Zero is available at BedsRus stores nationwide.
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Which Sizes?
Choose from our mattress range for a size that suits your lifestyle.
width x length:
153cm x 203cm
Short Single
Short Single
width x length:
91cm x 188cm
Got a question about Zero? 
Check out some of our frequently asked questions. If you can find your answer here then please contact us
For the first time in New Zealand, a mattress has been designed as sustainable and truely recyclable. We manufacture foam and bedding, so we know exactly what goes into a Zero bed can be reused when it comes back to us. If the mattress is clean enough when it’s returned to Sleepyhead, the foam is reused for carpet underlay. Sleepyhead will turn your Zero recyclable mattress into flooring underlay and we’re exploring other cool uses for the materials recycled from a Zero mattress.
Hygiene standards mean we can’t recycle stained or dirty mattresses. Eco-friendly or not, no one wants to sleep on a mattress that’s filthy right? So we’ve set the bar high and recommend you use a waterproof mattress protector to keep your bed clean and dry. That way, it’s likely we will be able to take your Zero mattress and repurpose into underlay products.
Take your good condition Zero mattress back to the retailer you purchased it from. If you have moved or the retailer no longer is there, call 0800 SLEEPS (753377) to find out how to get your mattress back to Sleepyhead to be recycled.

The Sleepyhead story

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