Best Bedroom Tips for Uni Students

The time has finally come – your young adult has flown the coop for uni life. Part of you wants them to quickly vacate because you’re desperate to turn their room into an office. However, your maternal instincts have kicked in & the thought of losing them suddenly fills you with a pending sense of dread.

And while you’re wrestling with all gamuts of emotion – there’s the actual practical requirements that come with moving your young adult into their new digs. We’ve come up with some easy tips to create a home away from home as they begin their tertiary education. Plus, if you plan it right, you might be setting up that home office before O-Week even kicks off!

Create a home away from home

It depends on exactly what type of accommodation they’re moving into but many new uni students, especially those moving to a new city, will take up tertiary accommodation on campus. The plus side to this, is you won’t need to buy furniture as it’s all provided.

The downside… none. Keep them in this dormitory accommodation for as long as you can. Our guess is that you will get a year… tops! What we do recommend, if their student accommodation hasn’t provided one already, is to buy a mattress protector.

Why they’ll need one? – Well, sometimes more goes on in those rooms than just sleep and study. They will need bedding though and it might be for just a single or king single bed. Check our stockists for this month’s deals on our Sleepyhead range of sheets, duvets and pillows. 

However, maybe your new uni student is moving into a flat with friends. Here’s where their requirements ratchet up somewhat. If they need a bed, we’ve got a few solutions for travelling intercity or quickly buying a mattress in-store without having to wait.

Best Uni Mattresses for Students

Sleepyhead Zero

Sleepyhead Zero, which comes as single mattress, stowaway or queen mattress is made to be fully recycled plus it comes in a bag. You buy it, take it home and once it’s out of the bag – the foam mattress can be slept on minutes later. The Sleepyhead Zero mattress is the ultimate in convenience and is an environmentally friendly mattress choice.

Sleepyhead Elements

Our latest and greatest is the Elements range – it’s a perfect low-cost mattress that makes sleep simple. It’s perfect for Uni students either flatting or wanting to swap out their dorm mattress because it’s super supportive, super sustainable and a super saver! Available in all sizes from Single to Cali King.

Sleepyhead Joy!

Getting the most out of your classes starts with a good night’s rest which is where Joy! comes in. Made by two mattress powerhouses, BedsRus and Sleepyhead, the Joy! mattress delivers on comfort and convenience. Only available to order online but delivery is fast and free to Auckland, order your Joy! mattress today, and it will arrive in as little as four hours!

Best Mattress Bases for Students

Kitset base

Pair our mattresses with our Kitset base – which comes in two easy-to-move boxes. These can be purchased online or in-store and are quick to assemble! Made with LVL-strengthened slats to last their uni years and comes in modern black. Available in Single, King Single & Queen sizes.

Trundler bed

Our Sleepyhead Trundler bed comes in a handy king single with a single mattress below that can be used separately or pops up to make a double-size bed. Good for when friends or family come to stay or if your new student needs an occasional bigger sleep space.

Super storage

You could kill two birds with one stone and buy our Spacebase. It does exactly what it sounds like – you get a base with tonnes of space below for storage – 180L. Spacebase comes with three 60L plastic bins included hidden under side panels that magnetically lock. Available in single, long single, king single and queen-size beds.

But if your new student wants to go for a larger size bed then Sleepyhead has bed bases that include two, three and drawer options for added storage inside their dorm or in their student flat. 

Going to university is an exciting time, get more sleep and bedding tips on the Sleepyhead Sleep Guide. Discover the perfect plants for your bedroom and 10 tips for a better nights sleep.

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