Frequently Asked Questions

Need an answer? Check out some of our frequently asked questions to see if you can find the answer. If not, contact us and we will be in touch with more information.
Do you suffer from partner disturbance in the night or back and neck ache? Maybe you’re a hot sleeper and need a bed designed for breathability or head-to-toe support that adjusts to your body shape. Choosing a mattress is about making the right purchase for you, which means meeting your sleeping needs, getting value for money and of course getting a great night’s sleep every night.
We understand that there are a lot of choices when it comes to buying a mattress and it can be confusing trying to work out which one is best for you. That’s why we have created the Sleepyhead Mattress Selector, a quick and easy tool designed to find the perfect mattress for your personal needs. Try it out here.
Your body should tell you when it’s time for a new bed. If you regularly wake up feeling stiff and sore or if you are not sleeping as well as you did a year ago, it may be time to replace what you’re sleeping on. At least twice a year, check for visible signs of wear and tear and ask yourself if you’re sleeping better or worse than you did a year ago. If worse, a new mattress may be the answer to improve your sleep.

Some other signs that you may need a new mattress include:

– mattress wear and tear, including dipping or sagging
– your sleep gets disrupted by your partner moving or rolling over
– you have specific body ailments that your mattress should be supporting but isn’t.

As a general guide you should change your mattress every 8-10 years.

To avoid your mattress wearing out any sooner than it should, it is important to take good care of it. Rotating your mattress helps avoid early sagging and damage. We recommend turning your mattress every fortnight for the first four months and then once every three months after. However, some mattresses are not made to be flipped, only turned lengthways. Click here to see the best way to turn your mattress.
Sitting between you and your mattress, the right protector improves the feel and the breathability of the mattress. A quality mattress protector can also help to protect the mattress from allergens, spills and stains. Purchasing a new mattress is an investment in your health and home, so it makes sense to not only protect that investment, but also complement it.
Yes, all Sleepyhead mattress protector are machine washable. Make sure you follow the care instructions listed.
Choosing the right mattress size depends on your sleep preferences and the available bedroom space. Below are the different Sleepyhead mattress sizes available:
Single 92cm x 188cm is the perfect ‘first real bed’ for your child
Long Single 92cm x 203cm is great for teens
King Single 107cm x 203cm is for tall teens or an excellent spare bed for single adult guests
Trundler King Single 107cm x 203cm, Single 91 x 188cm is perfect for when the kids have friends to stay
Double 137cm x 188cm is a great size for an adult
Long Double 137cm x 203cm is more length for tall teens or adults who are above average height
Queen 153cm x 203cm is really the minimum size to choose if you sleep with a partner
King 167cm x 203cm allows plenty of room and length for an average size couple
Super King 183cm x 203cm is perfect if you have a large bedroom and prefer more width than a King size
California King 203cm x 203 is Sleepyhead’s widest bed
For sheets and mattress protectors, it is best to use the same size as your mattress. However, if your and your partner battle it out for the covers (duvet), consider selecting a larger duvet than your bed size.
Check out our warranty information and conditions here.
Each Sleepyhead mattress is uniquely designed and the length of warranty varies between styles. Ask in store to find out the warranty of each mattress or click here to speak with us directly.
Partner disturbance is an issue for many New Zealanders. When there’s a significant difference in the weights of two sleepers sharing a bed, we usually recommend a Sensorzone spring system found in our Sleepyhead Sanctuary range.
We understand that there are a lot of choices in the market which is why we’ve created the Sleepyhead Sleep Selector, a quick and easy tool designed to find the perfect mattress for your personal needs. Try it out here.
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