OptiTemp, New Zealand's most advanced temperature regulation technology.

With New Zealand's coolest mattress you’ll never be too hot in bed again

OptiTemp takes temperature regulation to a new level. Utilising the lab proven properties of Kulkote combined with a new, cutting edge heat dissipation technology to make your sleep more comfortable for 12+ hours, whether you sleep hot or cold.

What Is OptiTemp?

OptiTemp is New Zealand’s most advanced temperature regulating technology. Using the lab proven phase change properties of Kulkote combined with a new cutting edge German technology that creates a thermal highway within your mattress, connecting warmer areas of your bed with cooler, absorbing, redistributing and releasing the heat from your body to help regulate the temperature in your bed for a more comfortable sleep.

Kulkote technology

How does your body temperature affect sleep?

I feel hot at night

Even on cool nights our bodies and bed can conspire to make us feel hot. The combination of our bodies continuously radiating heat and our beds trapping that heat can make our beds feel like someone has switched on an electric blanket. OptiTemp uses simple science executed with state of the art materials to help absorb and redistibute excess heat energy throughout the night.

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How it works: OptiTemp is designed to aborb and redistribute excess body heat helping to stop you waking up feeling hot.

How OptiTemp is different

OptiTemp uses two technologies that work together to help regulate bed temperature and transport excess heat energy away from your body.

Relevant products: Sanctuary

How it works: The combination of Kulkote and super-orientated graphite bands help regulate temperature and prevent the build up of excess heat throughout the night.

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Discover OptiTemp and experience a more comfortable night's sleep.

Too hot in bed?

OptiTemp combines the lab proven properties of Kulkote and combines it with a new state of the art technology that creates a thermal highway within your bed, transporting excess heat away from your body through out the night. OptiTemp has been designed to help regulate in bed temperatures to help you stop feeling hot at night.

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