KülKōte. Temperature regulating technology exclusive to Sleepyhead.

With New Zealand's coolest mattress you’ll never be too hot in bed again

Your body temperature really affects how well you sleep. At Sleepyhead, our design team understand choosing the right mattress to suit your body temperature can be tough, especially if you’re sharing the bed with a partner who sleeps hotter or cooler than you. That’s why we’ve introduced KülKōte, our latest temperature regulating technology that senses whether you’re hot or cold and adjusts accordingly.

What is KülKōte?

KülKōte technology is similar to what’s used in spacesuits to regulate the body temperature of an astronaut. When your skin temperature reaches between 29°C and 33°C, the KülKōte technology activates. Auckland University testing found that in a simulation of someone asleep on the KülKōte mattress, the sleep surface maintained a temperature of 29°C. However, on a traditional mattress without KülKōte, the sleep surface reached 35°C and stayed that way – a full six degrees hotter than the mattress using KülKōte.

How does your body temperature affect sleep?

I sleep hot

You may have gone to bed feeling fine but wake up too hot or with night sweats. Struggling to find a cool patch on your bed or peeling back the covers means sleep can feel elusive.

How it works: KülKōte is designed to absorb that heat so the mattress stays at an even temperature, helping to stop you waking up feeling too hot.

I sleep cold

Just because KülKōte can feel cool to the touch, doesn’t mean it will make you feel colder in bed. The technology works on sensing your body temperature and stores energy, ready to release it when you’re too cold.

How it works: If your temperature drops, the KülKōte layer will release any stored energy back to the sleep surface.

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What are the different types of KülKōte?

KülKōte is only found in Sleepyhead mattresses in New Zealand and we make them using different kinds of KülKōte for different beds. While they all use the same temperature sensing technology – we’ve supercharged it in some ranges by using elements like copper and silver.


KülKōte in its simplest form is going to give you a great night’s sleep with the bonus of temperature regulation. Cool to the touch, it's a layer on top of the foam inside your mattress that senses how you sleep - hot or cold.

Relevant products: Chiropractic HDX, Matrix Ultra

The benefit: When your skin temperature reaches between 29°C and 33°C, the KülKōte technology activates.

KülKōte Copper

We have the ability to take the KülKōte technology and add one of mother nature’s best known thermal conductors, copper. Added to the KülKōte, the copper inside the layer gives the added benefit of helping to speed up the transfer of heat away from the body to give you a more comfortable sleep.

Relevant products: Sanctuary

The benefit: Actively spreads temperature away from your body creating a cooling effect.

KülKōte Silver

This sleep layer takes all the amazing qualities of KülKōte but boosts it using the natural antibacterial properties of silver. For centuries silver has been used as an antimicrobial to kill harmful bacteria. Combine its unique abilities to keep the mattress fresher and more hygienic with KülKōte's temperature regulating technology for a healthier sleep.

Relevant products: Swisstek

The benefit: The added silver actively conducts heat away from the body when skin temperature reaches 29°C and conducts stored heat back when temperatures drop below 29°C.

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The Magic of KülKōte

Too hot in bed? KülKōte absorbs heat energy and a cooling effect is created. As the heat source is removed, the energy stored within KülKōte is released. If you get too cold in bed, this stored energy pushes back while you sleep, helping to manage your temperature and keep you more comfortable in bed.

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