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Celebrating 10 years as New Zealand's Most Trusted Bed Maker

Thank you New Zealand! This year, you have voted Sleepyhead as your most trusted name in beds for the 10th year in a row! For over 85 years, our family-owned business has aimed to help Kiwis, like you, achieve the greatest night's sleep.

It is both an honour and a privilege to be recognised by you for all these years. And, because of your decade-long support, we're able to continue support local communities through creating local jobs and helping Kiwis get the best sleep on the best bed around.

As a family owned business operating in New Zealand since 1935, we have always strived to help Kiwis achieve a greater sleep. So, thank you, New Zealand for trusting us each night with your sleep, your support means the world to us and with it we're able to give back to local communities across NZ.

From out of a shed in Eden Terrace to our new $1.2bn development in Ohinewai, we'll continue to help Kiwis get the best night's sleep on the best Kiwi made bed.

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