Which side of the bed do you sleep on?

We asked this question recently to our Sleepyhead community & while a simple question there seems to be a lot of complexities to which side of the bed you prefer. Turns out that from the responses – around 480 sleep on the left hand side and 450 on the right with 70 people saying they preferred the middle! 

Interestingly, according to a UK study of preferred bed sides among 3000 adults,  those who slept on the left side of the bed wake up happier and better equipped for dealing with the stresses and pressures of daily life. If you sleep on the right side of the bed, you’re likely to be grumpier and have a far more negative outlook.

In our very unscientific Facebook survey, it appears that it’s not the side of the bed that attracts a sleeper – more it’s positioning in relation to the bedroom layout. Here’s what we found:

Not near the door incase of intruders

The chances of you being attacked in bed probably rank right up there with the odds of winning lotto yet many of us have harboured long, long memories of boogeymen creeping into our room at night.

“Always the side furtherest from the door so if someone comes to murder us – they will get my husband first” Kylie

“I sleep on the right hand side & hubby is on the left so if we have an intruder he is the first one out of the bed to protect me!” Belinda

“Ok, I’ll be honest I sleep furthest away from the door so that the boogeyman can’t get me 😂😂😂” Nadine

“Ever since I was a little girl my big sister shoved me on the side that was nearest the door – even if I was in single bed – her theory was the boggie ghost would get me first!” Colleen

Near the door incase I need to pee

“The side that’s closest to the door so if there’s a fire I can get out quick lol and its closest to the toilet” Carol

“I sleep on right side with a dog and three cats on my left closer to toilet for us old people” Ricky

“I sleep on the right side ,as the dog and cat sleep on the left, they take up more room than me. They prefer a soft pillow” Fionna

“The left side because in our old room it was closest to the door for when I was pregnant getting up to go toilet at all hours, then when baby came along getting up again at all hours. Now I think I’m just used to it.” Amy

Beside the wall

“I like the left side of the bed near the wall.. I feel safe and comfortable” Kristine

“I prefer to sleep on the side that’s always next to the wall. I feel safer that way. But for some reason I always wake up the next morning and I’m squashing my husband on his side of the bed while my side is completely empty 🤷‍♀️” Pate

“I sleep on the left hand side of the bed because ever since i was a kid i have moved around a lot when i sleep. And sometimes i would roll out of the bed. So the left side of my bed is always up against a wall so if i do roll the other way” Marcus

Closest to important stuff like wall plugs

I sleep on the left side,by the dresser that has alarm clock on so I can slam dunk it off when it goes off!!! 😂 Rosemary

“The right side because it’s closer to the power point so I can charge my phone and still scroll on Facebook 🤣 Amo

“The right side i never wander to the dark side beside which my bedside table is on the right side with my water and my radio on it” Bronwyn

Anywhere my furry friend isn’t

“ I get what’s left after the wife, two cats and the dog” Jim

“Left side 💯 simply because that’s the side where the ramp for the cats is closest too” Adelma

“Left side and usually only a tiny sliver of it too. Don’t get a choice in the matter these days as my husband is on the right side and it seems our dog takes up 95% of the bed in the middle. “ Rebecca

“Usually at the foot end of the bed, horizontally 🤣 . I just work around where my very large dog spreads out” Marnie

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