Which Pillow Partner are you?

The Sprawler
Being in bed with a Sprawler is like a box of chocolates, you never know which side of the bed you’re going to get. Oh to be a Sprawler. Your bedroom isn’t so much a shrine to sleep but more a reflection of how life should be lived. Sheets – yes they have probably been on the bed since winter. And your pillows are so old that foam crumbles from them like confetti when you can be bothered cleaning. You’re not sure what double bed you own or its age because the branding faded years ago. Fortune favours the brave and we say take a step towards a new you. Upsize and buy a new bed. And if you’re sharing with your nearest and dearest, then they will be desperately nodding in agreement. Find out what size is right for you.
The Snorer
You sleep, blissfully unaware that your snoring has knocked the earth off its axis. A lot of money has been spent on mouth guards, expensive CPAP machines and even a Buteyko breathing course … yet the snoring still continues. It’s a sound that penetrates so deep, no pillow, set of ear plugs or industrial strength horse tranquillizers can silence. For your long suffering partner, each night the allure of sleep dangles like drool on the pillow. One minute they’ve dropped off to sleep only to wake up in what feels like a cargo ship horn on a foggy morning. There is no silver bullet to fix the snoring solution but do yourself a favour and try our Sleepyhead 24/7 Contour Pillow. It’s beautifully comfortable and can help adjust the snorer’s airway open slightly while asleep on your back.
The Cat Lover
Like the ancient Egyptians, you’re a cat lover and hold your moggy in such high esteem that your bedroom could be mistaken for the local vet clinic’s waiting room. I see you smirking dog person, but you too are included in this exclusive group of pet owners who see their bedroom as open to all creatures great and small.

Come bedtime, there is a four-legged pilgrimage to your bed where Whiskers, Tiger and Misty all find a suitable sleeping location.

No sleep for you though as you’re in a semi-state of fear that you will roll over them during the night. Or you wake up with aches because you’ve been sleeping twisted so as not to disturb them. Try the Sleepyhead 24/7 Contour Pillow or Sleepyhead Evolve SmartFibre Dual Support Pillow to help support your head and neck no matter what position you’re in.

The Hugger
You know that scene in a horror movie when the soon-to-be victim wakes up with a deep foreboding sense of doom? Spooners, huggers, cuddlers – whatever you label yourself as – we know it comes from a loving place but your loving arms can sometimes feel like the vice-like harness which locks into place at the start of a rollercoaster ride. As a human blanket you care, you share, you inevitably wear your heart on your sleeve. But that’s where your nurturing side begins and ends. Your bedroom is cluttered and feels a little neglected since you rescued your old childhood mattress, sans base, from the family home.

Embrace not only your other half but the urgent need for a brand new bed and pillow. Find out what suits you and your cuddle partner best and what pillow will support your head while all curled up. 

The Night Owl
Do you still have an adult child living at home? It’s well past their due date to fly the coup but they cite in no particular order a lack of finances, a romantic breakup and the over consumption of two-minute noodles. Well you made your bed, and son is now living in it. Subtle hints have gone unnoticed. Son thought you’d stashed all his belongings in the skip during a cleaning frenzy and that one-way ticket to the Gold Coast was cashed in for new computer hardware. The bedroom is so rammed with clutter that in desperation you’ve looked to downsize the queen size mattress to a king single to make it easier to find food leftovers and missing socks.
The Duvet Hogger
Do you ever wake up feeling cold? No, you wouldn’t would you? That’s because while you slumber in your inner sanctum of warmth and security, wearing a smug grin to match your brand new designer PJs, your special someone is literally the polar opposite. The Duvet Hogger chants the mantra: ‘There is a place for everything and everything in its place.’ Your bed partner doesn’t so much chant as constantly pray for warmth. As a classic Duvet Hogger, you strive for the best and that extends to your bed. Because sleep is important to you. So let’s try this on for size Hogger. You might have wrestled the duvet into your half of the bed, so why not treat your long suffering other half to their own luxurious Sleep Collections Wool Duvet or Hush Alpaca Duvet.
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