Turn your bedroom into a hotel suite

What is it about a hotel room that makes us sleep so well? Maybe you’re on holiday and don’t feel burdened with everyday tasks around your home. Or, it could be the fact that hotel rooms are often quiet, warm and dark – with little to no light pollution. 

So, why can’t you recreate that expensive hotel room feeling in your own bedroom? We’ve put together some easy tips to turn your bedroom from ho-hum to the Hilton. 

The Centrepiece

Sanctuary range

Ok we know, we make mattresses & of course we’re going to call this out. However, in hotel rooms, the most important part of a stay is the bed and its comfort level. Our know-how is a bit deeper than just a mattress for your bedroom. Did you know that we make them for New Zealand hotels & other accommodation too? Upgrade your bed as the first but most important step to feeling like you are sleeping in a hotel room each and every night. Sanctuary is our top of the range bed & trust me, it feels pretty luxe. Someone in our team called it the Rolls Royce of sleep and they’re not wrong. 

Here’s what one of our reviewers Tania says about Sleepyhead Sanctuary:

 “This bed is well worth the money , I have never slept SO well ever . My husband used to toss and turn all night ( which kept waking me ) now he doesn’t hardly move . We wake up really rested and completely refreshed . Wish we had brought it years ago . You will not regret buying this top quality bed . Highly recommend.”

If you have the space and you’re budget allows – go for a king size mattress or even a super king bed. A good hotel room is not usually cluttered and doesn’t ram in a bed with no space to walk around it – so if you have to stick to your queen size mattress – treat yourself and upgrade to a good quality bed. Our new Sanctuary beds are out in stores now, they feature the heat regulation of Kulkote. Find a deal now on Sanctuary and all our beds.

 Add a headboard, hotel beds almost always have one and it makes your bed the focal point of your bedroom. Try a fancy luxury headboard (pictured above) to really give your bed a hotel look & feel. 

Luxury Bedding

If you can’t buy a new bed then you can at least make it look and feel like a hotel suite with the addition of luxury bedding items like comfy pillows, sheets and duvets. We make all these too and have sourced beautiful soft & natural fibres like Tencel and Supima cotton to ensure that your sheets actually feel like hotel fresh linen when you climb into bed. Find out how to fit your sheets so they look slick and stylish on the bed.  

 Pillows are important to not only get good sleep but to ensure your spine is aligned and you don’t wake up with a sore and stiff neck. We recommend you add a couple of throw cushion (not too many!) to your bed with a rug or throw for that luxury look.

Walk On

Hotels spend a lot of money investing in soundproofing to ensure that you’re getting a nice peaceful stay and not listening to your neighbour’s tv in the middle of the night. They have ways to enhance this peaceful ambience and one of those is the flooring. A thick carpet or rug with a good flooring underlay (yep, Sleepyhead does that too!) will help with sound but also give that beautiful feeling underfoot. 

Function & Form

Most luxury suites offer up a stylish chair for you to just sit in and chill. Make it a feature of your room – as well as a place you can use to read, take your shoes off or just sit back and admire how much your bedroom looks like the penthouse. Of course, it’s only perfect if you have the room but it definitely makes your room look hotel chic.

While we’re adding bedroom furniture, think about a bench seat at the base of your bed. It’s got more uses than just looking pretty. It can be a step stool, include additional storage or extra seating – it’s a very versatile piece. See if you can get it to match or complement your headboard.


This is the fun part, styling your new home hotel suite. Hotel rooms – the expensive ones – often have some simple understated flowers in a vase. Try some cool wall art to put your personal stamp on your bedroom style.

Don’t just get the look but add a subtle scent to your room to give it that hotel feeling. Use room sprays, candles or diffusers to float a fragrant smell through your bedroom.

Finally, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got matching bedside tables and pair with the right lamps or drop down lights to save you room and remove that cluttered look. Then it’s just a matter of nestling into your inner sanctum each night to enjoy a long and peaceful night’s sleep.

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