How to Sleep Better in Winter

As the chill of winter sets in, finding ways to sleep comfortably through the cold nights becomes essential. The colder temperatures can make it challenging to get a good night’s sleep, but with the right sleeping tips and tricks, you can still get a better nights sleep in winter. From keeping warm, to winter bed sheets and bedding recommendations and syncing your circadian rhythm, Sleepyhead has you covered with the best tips for a great night’s sleep in winter so you wake up feeling revived and refreshed.

Stay Warm and Cozy


One effective sleeping tip to ensure you stay warm during winter night’s and reach the ideal sleeping temperature is to have a warm shower or bath before getting into bed. This will not only warm your body making it much easier to stay warm once you get under the covers, but also help relax your muscles, leading to a more peaceful sleep. Additionally, consider incorporating a hot water bottle into your bedtime routine. Hot water bottles are particularly great for little ones. Dress them up in different covers so they have a new friend every night to cuddle up with.

Protect Your Mattress


Winter requires special care for your sleeping environment, starting with your mattress. To keep your mattress well protected and warm, invest in a good quality mattress protector. This is not only crucial for sleep hygiene but also for adding an extra layer of insulation, by helping retain heat. For added warmth and comfort for little ones, place a thick blanket on top of your mattress for a better sleep in winter.

Keeping Your Bed Off the Ground


Another winter sleeping tip is to position your bed appropriately within your room. This can significantly impact your comfort and health during winter. Make sure your bed is off the ground and maintains a distance away from any exterior walls. Floors and walls conduct the cold from the growth of mildew and increases the chances of condensation forming around you, making it much colder and increasing health problems. By keeping your bed away from these areas, you reduce these risks and enhance your sleep quality.

Maintaining the Ideal Sleeping Temperature


It’s important to keep your sleeping temperature just right, especially for winter sleep. A too-warm bedroom can keep you up at night but being too cold will also keep you from being comfortable in bed. So, it is essential to hit that balance and find the ideal sleeping temperature that feels naturally comfortable for you. Utilising heaters with automatic shut-off timers can help maintain this balance through the night. Additionally, consider the fabric of your sleepwear and bedding, opting for materials that support temperature regulation.

Invest in Winter Bed Sheets and Bedding


Choosing the correct winter bed sheets and bedding is crucial for comfort, warmth and getting a better winter sleep. Winter bedding should be designed to help retain body heat and provide a snug sleeping environment. Materials like flannel or fleece are excellent for sheets, as they are woven to trap warmth. You can also get a quality mattress topper for a comfortable and cosy addition. Duvets filled with down or synthetic fibres are also effective for keeping out the cold, ensuring your sleep is both comfortable and rejuvenating.

Get Enough Daylight


During winter, shorter daylight hours can disrupt your body’s natural circadian rhythm, affecting your sleep patterns. Exposure to natural light during the day helps maintain these rhythms, promoting better sleep in winter. Try to spend time outdoors during daylight hours or in well-lit areas within your home. This exposure to natural light is essential for keeping your internal clock aligned, aiding in night-time restfulness.

Maintain Regular Exercise


Regular physical activity is vital year-round, but it becomes even more critical during the winter and is actually a great sleeping tip. Exercise helps tire your body naturally, promoting easier and more restorative sleep. Maintain a routine that suits the colder conditions, whether it’s indoor exercises, gym sessions, or brisk walks. Keeping active not only supports your sleep but also boosts your overall health and mood during the dreary winter months.

Get the Best Sleep this Winter!


Adopting these sleeping tips on how to get better sleep in winter can significantly enhance your sleep quality during the colder months. From warming up before bed to investing in the right winter bed sheets and bedding, finding the ideal sleeping temperature and maintaining a suitable exercise routine, each step can help you get a restful night’s sleep. Browse our range of bedding accessories and mattresses to ensure you have everything you need to sleep better this winter.

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