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How to reduce body contouring in your mattress

Firstly, body impressions are normal, so don’t worry! In fact, our mattresses are specifically designed to contour to your body shape! However, if you’re a little concerned, here’s some background on why it happens and some tips on how to reduce mattress dipping over time. 

To provide added comfort, many of our mattresses are constructed with combinations of extra padding and filling, to enhance the cushioning area. As these materials settle and conform, they are designed to contour naturally to your body shape, to help reduce pressure points on your body for a more comfortable sleep. Visually this will appear as a body impression in the mattress top.


It is normal performance for your mattress to develop body impressions as you wear the mattress in and the comfort layers begin to settle. It indicates that a mattress is performing well and levelling to your individual contours. A similar example is how a new pair of shoes may mould to the shape of your feet as you wear them in, to improve comfort.


Body impressions are sometimes described as a “contour” in the mattress where the main weight of your body has been lying or alternatively a “ridge” in the middle of the mattress which has received less use. Normal body contouring on a pillowtop mattress is up to approximately 35mm in height and up to approximately 25mm on a non pillow top mattress.


Some important things to consider:

  • The plusher or thicker your mattress is, the more comfort layers it will contain, this may mean your mattress will experience greater levels of body contouring
  • To help equalize body impressions, rotate your mattress every 2 weeks for the first 4 months, and every 3 months thereafter
  • Use all surfaces of the mattress, to assist in settling the comfort layers evenly.
  • The centre of your mattress can feel firmer if it is not slept on and you may get the appearance of a ridge in this area. It is a normal characteristic of the design of the bed. We encourage you to persist with using the middle area of the mattress to even out wear on the mattress top.


Rest assured your mattress is designed to contour to your shape for maximum comfort.

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