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The holiday season can translate into a groundswell of relatives and friends who descend upon your home and need a bed for the night…or three! Often the quick solution is to hurriedly borrow an airbed off the neighbours or there’s a bit of impromptu couch surfing. Nothing says I care for you and your brood like an airbed, complete with a complicated pump, the fresh new smell of Polyethylene plastic and a pair of thinning old sheets on top. So this year we offer up some permanent cheap bed and affordable mattress solutions for family & friends during the holidays.
Bed in a box
If you are reading this and literally have NO sleep solution with the holiday season looming, then help is at hand. Despite your repeated reassurances to guests who look in horror at the beaming bouncy plastic goodness of an airbed, they are definitely NOT comfortable. So like the title suggests, this bed comes in a box. It’s not just a piece of foam, no! A Wonderest single or queen inner-sprung mattress comes all neatly packed in to a box which can both fit into a teeny weeny Kia Picanto with room for a new set of sheets too! You’ll find the Wonderest bed in a box at Beds R Us and Smiths City.

Crash Pad
Got a posse of eight year olds heading over for a birthday sleepover? Good luck. But this is where things get tricky. As the headline insinuates a crash pad is a cheap bed that can handily slide into storage post party. These DreamFoam Crash Pads, like their bed in a box cousins, are a quick fix solution to the armada of aunts, uncles and cousins who may be heading to your place for the holidays.

Sleep & Slide
The Sleepyhead Classic trundler pop-up beds are a perfect space saving solution for those visitors who just show up or possibly have had a few too many festive tipples. By day it’s a king single bed sitting in the spare bedroom, by night it converts into a comfy guest bed for a couple. As a trundler with a sliding bottom bed, it’s a perfect solution for the visiting grandkids packed off to your place so mum and dad can have a ‘holiday’.

Space to Share
Surveys have shown that while we think we need a dedicated guest bedroom – on average we only have visitors to stay for 2-3 nights each year. So question: Do you really need a dedicated bespoke room for guests and do you have the space? If the answer is yes, then you’ll need a good bed for that room. It’s bed value versus comfort that you need to keep in mind when purchasing for the spare room. Bear in mind that this bed is not being used as frequently as your own mattress so you can afford to choose a bed that isn’t as premium as your own. We recommend our Balance or Chiropractic ranges. Next it comes down to feel or the comfort layers on top of the mattress. It’s hard to guess what your guests like, so you could go with the popular choice – 70% of Sleepyhead buyers choose a medium feel. Size of the mattress depends on floor space but once again, go with the popular consensus – 60% of all Sleepyhead beds sold are queen.

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