Made to Fit
Our beds are made to fit your mould, not the other way round.

Our beds are made to fit your mould, not the other way round.

New Zealand, home to 5 Million individuals who’re all sleeping, waking and navigating these strange times in our own unique ways.

We know that Kiwis come in all different shapes, which is why for the last 85 years we’ve made a wide range of beds here in New Zealand. That’s why, whether you sleep for ages or take ages to get to sleep, our beds are made to fit your mould, not the other way round.

New Zealand Made

We’re committed to local manufacturing, supporting the local jobs, supporting our community and looking after our home, New Zealand.

New Zealand’s Most Trusted

Voted New Zealand’s most trusted bed manufacturer 10 years running. We’re a family business, dedicated to creating the ultimate sleep for New Zealanders.

Designed For You

Great design comes from understanding that every Kiwi is different. We don’t believe in one size fits all, which is why you’ll find a Sleepyhead that fits your specific needs, no matter who you are.

Compare Sleepyhead Beds

With over 85 years as New Zealand's most trusted bed maker, we're sure to have a sleep solution that perfectly fits your individual needs. Compare the quality range of Sleepyhead mattresses and find the perfect mattress for your needs.


5 Million Kiwis, 5 Million Ways To Sleep

Sleepyhead have been making beds for Kiwis for over 85 years. We know that Kiwis don’t come in one size and shape and that we’re all individuals with individual sleep needs. That’s why we make a range of beds to fit your mould rather than importing from beds made from who knows where, made for who knows who. We’re the only bed manufacturer in New Zealand that makes its own springs and foam because we’re passionate about making sure you get the best night’s sleep possible.

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