What Is a Good Bedtime Routine for Adults? (The SleepFit Diaries: Andrea)

Welcome to our series, The SleepFit Diaries. Sleep is crucial for our physical and mental health, yet so many of us struggle to get enough quality rest. That’s why in 2022, we teamed up with Sleep Coach, Bernice Tuffery, to launch our SleepFit Programme, helping six lucky Kiwis achieve better sleep habits.
From practical tips to insightful advice, read on to discover how you too can get sleep fit and wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

Andrea has never had an issue falling asleep but would regularly find herself waking up multiple times in the night suffering from aches and pains.


Her 15-year-old + mattress was no longer providing her much-needed support! 


Utilising Sleepyhead’s SleepMap technology, Andrea was fitted with our Chiropractic HDX bed. This technology uses pressure mapping to generate an individual body map and identify which bed would best match a person’s comfort needs.


Our Chiropractic mattress is made with the Chiropractic endorsed Torquezone HDX spring system which helps give better spinal alignment and support where it’s needed the most.


What’s more, the Chiropractic HDX helps regulate temperature using KülKōte technology! Giving Andrea the best of both worlds.


Four weeks in her new bed and Andrea says she feels like a princess!


“My body is better supported when I sleep. I don’t have the same pain from pressure points in my lower back when I wake. I love the feeling when I first get into bed at night. There is just something wonderful about climbing into a bed that supports you.”


Working with Sleep Coach Bernice Tuffery, Andrea has also implemented some great new tactics into her nighttime routine. As an avid reader, Andrea has set up a dedicated reading space in her room so she can decompress at night before jumping into bed.


“Andrea brought real curiosity to her SleepFit journey. This open-minded attitude served her so well and is key to finding your way to a great night’s sleep. She wanted to understand more about her sleep, identify what she was doing that was unhelpful and what she could do differently to create the conditions for sleeping well. Already she had some great behaviours in place and sleep was mostly ‘ok’, but by Friday night her energy level crashed.


Sleep coaching helped her discover a bed-time/wake-time routine that works for her life, and many tiny habits to integrate into her days and nights that support great sleep. Like making her bed each morning, having bed-linen and sleepwear in natural fibres, using a sleep mask to block out the light in her room, keeping an eye on her caffeine levels, and the incredible value of non-screen wind-down time at the end of the day,” says Bernice.  


“By actively experimenting with her sleep attitudes and behaviours, Andrea knows for herself what works. Once you personally ‘know’ what supports great sleep, you can’t unknow it. It gives you freedom and choice. Andrea now has real confidence in her sleep. She knows what to do (and what not to do) to have a great week of sleep and feel full of life for her weekend.” Andrea is well on her way to waking up on the right side of the bed every day!


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