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Best Bed Bases in New Zealand 2024

Some are big, some are tall, some have drawers or more! They can move, they can store and bring space to your floor! Bed bases come in all shapes and sizes – But what do they do, what should you look for and which ones are best?

Since 3000 BC bed bases have been the in thing for your mattress! They elevate you off the ground and keep you away from any nasties that might be lurking there. Bases are good for you and your mattress because they introduce more airflow, reduce mould and mildew, and support your mattress to prevent sagging and sore backs. They’ve evolved over time and now come to suit your preference. Here’s a quick overview of the different types of mattress bases available.

Slat bases/Bed Frames


A slat base is made with a series of wooden bar supports connected to a bed frame. The more slats, the more support for your mattress. It’s a more affordable option and easier to set up and transport. Our Kitset Base is similar to a slat base but with strengthened laminated slats connected with fabric for the optimal support. 


Platform mattress bases


Similar to a box spring, and sometimes called a divan, the platform mattress base is simple but effective. It’s upholstered on the outside for softness and gives full support to your mattress. They are typically closer to the ground for a sleek look. 


Bases with drawers


Bed bases with drawers are like dresses with pockets! They look good and do their job of holding up your mattress AND they come with hidden storage. With drawers built into the base, it makes tidying by hiding things under the bed easy in an organised and Mum approved way. 


Bases with storage space


Bases with storage space can come in many shapes and sizes. From bed frames that can lift up and reveal extra storage to SpaceBases that flip open a panel to reveal storage bins, bases with storage can be a more affordable and accessible storage solution. Rediscover your floor!


Trundler Bases


A trundler is both a mattress and a base. It stores a mattress within the base for occasional use. It can be used in the kids rooms for sleepovers or popped up for friends visiting for the weekend. Our Trundler comes in king single & single sizes, it’s a space saving heavyweight that can carry up to 150kg.


Luxury bed bases


A premium mattress deserves a luxurious base. When creating luxury, style and quality craftsmanship are quintessential. A luxury mattress base has style and function at the forefront often using sumptuous velvets, wools and silks. With meticulous attention to detail, luxury bases offer plush sidings for additional comfort and softness. 


Adjustable bases


An adjustable base is the best investment you can make to improve your sleep. Combined with a good mattress, an adjustable bed base helps improve circulation, eases joint pain and promotes easier breathing. 


When choosing a mattress base, you need to consider first what works best for you. Does your room need more floor space? – Could a bed base with storage help? Do you have the odd guest staying? – Could a bed with trundler base be the answer? There’s so much to think about and we haven’t even gotten to colour or bed base design. To help you get a feel for what to look for, we’ve created a handy list of the best bed bases in New Zealand (hint: they’re all our bases!).

#1 Drawer Base 


Sleepyhead’s Drawer Base is designed with form and function in mind. Similar in look as our Standard Platform Base, it has handy pull-out drawers for when bedroom space is limited. Each drawer can hold up to 45 kg each so you can hold almost anything including the kitchen sink! The drawers sit on premium ball bearing runners which make it smooth and easy to use. It’s made-to-order in all mattress sizes, and is the most customisable base we have. Style it how you want with 3 different fabric ranges in various colours and shades available to match your bedroom style. Choose your own storage with options for 2, 3 or 4 drawers. You can even decide how much underfloor space there is with glide or 50mm castors. The Drawer Base is made with New Zealand pine which is a renewable resource that’s resistant to rot. It’s a durable, adaptable and space saving base that makes this our ultimate mattress base. 


#2 SpaceBase


SpaceBase is really all about that base! We’ve taken hiding everything under the bed to a whole new level and have utilised the space under your bed to fit up to 180L of storage underneath. It’s the perfect integrated storage solution for bed bases. Featuring 2 side panels, it has a magnetic locking system for ease of access. Quickly flip open a panel to reveal 3x 60L storage bins with no weight limits. These bins mean no more fruitless searches for a missing sock! Available in Single, Long Single, King Single and Queen, it’s the best mattress base for kids. You’ll be able to fit all their toys with room for more.


#3 FusionFlex Base 


FusionFlex is the base for queens, kings and super kings. The FusionFlex Base is our most premium base made exclusively for our most premium mattress. It meets the excellence of our Sanctuary range with 30mm of Dreafoam added for plush comfort and quality support. You’ll find a headboard to match that suits an opulent bedroom. You’ll feel the luxurious difference as it’s only available in velvet upholstery. Choose how much underfloor space there is with 150mm glide castors or 50mm to 100mm bed legs. It’s a quality base made with sustainable New Zealand grown pine. With a warranty of 10 years, it’s an investment worth buying. 


#4 Motion Comfort Adjustable Base


The Motion Comfort Adjustable Base is an ergonomic bed base that adjusts to suit your specific sleep needs with a click of a button. You’ll experience superior relaxation every night and reap the therapeutic benefits. Each of the positions have been set with different benefits in mind. The feet up position helps improve circulation and reduce swelling. While zero gravity reduces lower back pressure and aids digestion. Or having the head up position helps to improve breathing and reduces snoring. Finally, the head up and feet up position is perfect for reading in bed or watching tele. This adjustable base is designed to evolve with you and with a wireless remote, you’ll be dreaming in comfort with little effort. 


#5 Standard Platform Base


The Standard Platform and High Profile base are our upholstered platform bases made with sustainable New Zealand pine. Each base is available in 11 on-trend colours and fabrics. Made to order in New Zealand, it’s built to suit you and your bedroom. You can even match it with one of our headboards for a sleek modern look. The Standard Platform Base comes with 150mm legs for better airflow and the High Profile Base has the option for 150mm glide castors or can come with legs in 50mm or 100mm.


Get Tips On Buying the Best Bed Bases with Sleepyhead!


Preference plays the biggest role in buying a bed base. If you’re a bit bougie then a luxury bed base is more likely the best bed base for you and if you’d rather keep things simple, then a Kitset or Standard Platform Base is the right match. Preference might come second to practicality, so our Drawer Base or SpaceBase might help you storage needs or the Motion Comfort may aid in improving your health. Sleepyhead has a bed base to match any preference or any situation and they’ll build it for you on-site locally in New Zealand. If you’re wanting to compare all our bases, check them out online at  or you find your nearest retailer to order your best bed base today. 

Already know what mattress base you want but need the right mattress to go on top? We’ve been making beds and keeping Kiwi’s happy for years, you can find yourself your mattress match right here: or you can see what we have available through our handy mattress comparison guide

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