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Best Mattresses in New Zealand in 2024

The best mattress comes down to what you like, how it helps you sleep better and how much it costs. In truth, the “best” is whatever is best for you and your pocket. From the best bed money can buy to the most affordable, Sleepyhead has a mattress that, no matter your budget, is designed with you and your health in mind. If you already have an idea of what kind of mattress you might be looking for, then use our Sleep Selector to find your best mattress match.


But if you’re just looking around or wanting to find comparisons of the best beds, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the top 5 best mattresses in New Zealand.

#1 Sleepyhead Sanctuary



The Sanctuary After Dark is the best of the best that Sleepyhead has to offer. For the refined customer, our best mattress offers comfort and back support designed with revolutionary technology and first-class quality. It is even endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association. Using our most advanced support system, Sensorzone3DX, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in support and comfort with this multi-zoned system enhanced by a central layer of mini-pocket springs. Feel luxurious comfort in every detail from the finest of silks to the most advanced technology used. For the best sleep climate around, OptiTemp takes temperature regulation to a new level using Kulkote combined with the conductive properties of copper. In New Zealand, this luxury mattress is the best mattress that money can buy. Seek out Sanctuary for the most beautiful sleep ever made. 

The After Dark comes in medium-firm, medium and plush feels, so that you can find the best luxury mattress that’s suited to you. It’s available in long single, king single, long double, queen, king, super king and California king – Unrivaled comfort for all sizes big and small.

#2 Sleepyhead Chiropractic



The Chiropractic HDX is a market-leading postural mattress with premium comfort features. It’s the best mattress Sleepyhead has to offer for those suffering with back pain. Endorsed by New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association, the 5-zone Torquezone HD spring system offers enhanced therapeutic support and comfort. Each zone is designed to actively cradle the body and provide advanced spinal alignment for support and pressure point relief. The additional comfort of Kulkote, will ensure your sleep temperature remains optimal throughout the night. Keeping you and your back cooler on hot nights and trapping your warmth in on cooler nights. Wake up without aches on one of the best mattresses for relieving back pain. 

Sleepyhead’s Chiropractic HDX range comes in medium-firm and medium-plush feels, so that you can find the best mattress that’s suited to you and your needs. It’s available in long single, king single, long double, queen, king, super king and california king for support to people of all sizes. Too many sizes and not sure where to start? Find out what size mattress you should buy with our helpful sleep guide.

#3 Sleepyhead Pocket Spring



The best affordable spring mattress that minimises partner disturbance is a Sleepyhead Pocket Spring mattress. Designed with heat tempered springs pocketed for long-lasting support. Each wrapped coil sits independently for even weight distribution to minimise disruptive movements throughout the night. These pocket springs come in three or five zones of targeted support. Soft comfort layers keep you supported in all the right areas so you can sleep soundlessly each night. These curated layers are developed with comfort technologies which include Kulkote, Latex Gold, gel infused foam and memory foams imbued with natural elements like graphene or copper. Be indulged by incredible natural or gel temperature regulation to keep you cooler on hot nights or warmer on cold ones. 


Available in four models at four retailers nationwide, there is a Sleepyhead Pocket Spring mattress for every kiwi in a store near you. Like most mattresses that Sleepyhead offers, their pocket springs come with a ten year warranty for peace of mind. With targeted support zone springs and cooling comfort layers, this really is the best affordable pocket spring mattress in New Zealand. 

#4 Naturesleep by Sleepyhead



We’ve taken the best nature has to offer and created the best natural mattress Sleepyhead can make. Using a luxurious curation of sustainable fibres, natural latex and advanced spring technology, the Naturesleep mattress is an eco-friendly dream come true. With sustainably farmed, hypoallergenic latex and wool, this mattress ensures a healthier sleep both for you and the planet. Pure latex is also naturally resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew so it’s even better for those allergy sufferers. Sustainability doesn’t stop there, bamboo fibres are woven together for an environmentally friendly top layer that’s breathable, durable and softer than cotton. We’ve even used natural cooling with dual pocket springs that allow for better airflow. The ultimate in natural comfort with targeted support for a beautiful sleep. 


Found exclusively in a Farmers store near you, a Naturesleep is available in a Medium feel for the everyday Kiwi or a Firm feel for those that need a little extra support. Regardless of how the mattress feels, a naturesleep is a timeless beauty ready and waiting to be taken home. 

#5 Sleepyhead Joy



The most affordable mattress with rapid delivery is our Joy! mattress which has been created in partnership with BedsRus. It is one of the best foam mattresses in New Zealand having been made by bedding experts. With cooling Fusion:Gel Memory Foam on top of a supportive Dreamfoam core you can sink into a Joy! and let all your worries drift away. Unlike most of our Sleepyhead mattresses, the Joy! comes with a 101 Morning Trial. This offers a risk-free opportunity to invest into your sleep health without buyers remorse. Get sleep on demand with free delivery to your door within the Auckland metro area. It gets even better as the Joy! mattress uses recycled plastic bottles on its top layer and comes in plastic free packaging. A worry-free mattress that is better for you and the environment, what’s better than that? 

The average Kiwi chooses a medium feel mattress firmness, so naturally Joy! comes only in a medium feel. However, to cater to everyone big or small, the Joy! mattress is available in 5 simple sizes – single, king single, queen, king and super king. 

Joy! was created with simplicity in mind. This means one mattress for one brand, no need to complicate things. However, if you’re looking for more variety, Sleepyhead’s other value ranges offer what Joy! can’t. Our Zero range offers 3 eco-friendly recyclable mattresses that are also conveniently packaged. 

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Sleepyhead has the best beds for luxury seekers, eco warriors, express shippers, budget buyers and for anyone over 30. Each mattress range is designed with the customer in mind to either be sumptuously comfortable, help with back pain or offer affordable quality. 


The Sanctuary After Dark boasts revolutionary technology and first-class quality, ensuring a beautiful and comfortable sleep. The Chiropractic HDX targets those suffering from back pain with its enhanced therapeutic support and pressure point relief. The Sleepyhead Pocket Spring mattress provides affordable comfort with minimal partner disturbance. Naturesleep by Sleepyhead is an eco-friendly option made from sustainable materials for a healthier sleep. Lastly, the Joy! mattress offers an affordable foam option with a risk-free trial, appealing to those seeking simplicity and worry-free comfort.

Regardless of the choice, Sleepyhead mattresses are designed with well-being and health in mind, allowing each individual to find the perfect match for a restful and rejuvenating sleep experience. Sleepyhead has a mattress for every Kiwi in every size. If you now know which mattress range is the best, find out which size mattress is best for you or check out our size guide to find your perfect mattress fit.

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