Crafted with nature

Naturesleep by Sleepyhead is an eco-friendly line of luxurious mattresses. A beautiful blend of sustainable elements like bamboo, New Zealand wool and pure natural latex combined with our advanced Dual Pocket Spring technology - Naturesleep mattresses will provide you with an incredible and natural sleep experience. 

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Crafted with Nature and You in Mind

Naturesleep harnesses the natural heat regulating properties and breathability of wool, the suppleness of pure latex and the softness of bamboo fibres to create a bed that will cradle you naturally as you drift to sleep. Enjoy a healthier sleep with all the benefits of naturally curated materials while being perfectly supported by natural comfort.

Healthier Nights with Naturesleep

At night we're subject to allergens and nasties living in our beds. With our use of natural materials, you'll enjoy a healthier sleep due to their naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial properties. Pure latex is also resistant to dust mites, mould and mildew - It's the perfect natural protector!

Engineered Support

We've designed Naturesleep with five zones of support to help relieve pressure points on your body. Our pocket springs are individually wrapped and heat tempered to give engineered support tailored to you. With the addition of mini pockets, you'll feel added contouring support without getting too hot as they allow for optimal airflow.

Natural Fibres

Be cradled by a cushion of nature, featuring a top comfort layer made with New Zealand wool and sustainable bamboo fibres.

Perfect for allergy sufferers, these natural fibres are hypoallergenic. The use of bamboo fibre makes our top layer softer than cotton and more durable. And with the addition of wool, our Naturesleep also regulates body temperature to naturally give you a better sleep climate.

Pure Latex

Sustainably sourced pure latex rubber with natural anti-bacterial properties.

Sourced from sustainable rubber tree farms, Naturesleep features pure latex which is naturually anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Our latex layer is resistant to mould and mildew while maintaining breathability for improved air flow. You'll enjoy a healthier sleep environment while being perfectly supported by natural comfort.

Dual Pocket Springs

Naturesleep is designed with five zones of support using engineered pocket springs that respond to your weight and shape.

You'll enjoy targeted support that will alleviate pressure points while maintaining airflow throughout. Sink into the ultimate supportive comfort with Naturesleep's Dual Pocket Spring support and say goodbye to partner disturbance.



  • Naturesleep
Models and structural components in the Sleepyhead Naturesleep range vary and provide a selection of comfort choices. Models may vary between retailers.

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Product Specs

dimension Size Guide

Long Single: 91cm W x 203cm L
King Single: 107cm W x 203cm L
Long Double: 137cm W x 203cm L
Queen: 153cm W x 203cm L
King: 167cm W x 203cm L
Super King: 183cm W x 203cm L
California King: 203cm W x 203cm L
dimension 10 Year Warranty

All Sleepyhead Naturesleep beds come with a 10 year Warranty.

dimension Frequently Asked Questions

How are Sleepyhead Naturesleep mattresses different?

Sleepyhead Naturesleep mattresses are designed to be good for you and good for the environment. Crafted with natural materials for comfort and softness, they're built to last without any hidden nasty chemicals. You'll get the best mother nature can offer and the best in bed tech.

Which materials are used in Sleepyhead Naturesleep mattresses?

Our nature sleep range is a considered blend of beautiful natural elements like Bamboo, New Zealand wool and pure natural latex combined with our pocket spring technology to provide you with an incredible sleep experience. Sleepyhead Naturesleep Mattress Composition:
- BAMBOO- Not only is bamboo durable whilst luxuriously soft it also naturally hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial, making it perfect for bedding. It is blended with recycled polyester to produce a durable and sustainable fabric.
- PURE NZ WOOL- The beautiful natural wool used in our quilting is sustainably produced right here in New Zealand. Wool is renowned for its heat regulating properties and breathability; it is also naturally hypoallergenic making it perfect for allergy sufferers
- PURE NATURAL LATEX- 100% Pure Latex is sustainably produced from latex trees and contains no cheap nasty fillers. It is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic and offers a luxurious feel with exceptional support and breathability.
- POCKET SPRING SUPPORT- Individually cased and heat tempered pocket springs respond to your individual weight and shape, eliminating partner disturbance. The 5-zones of pocketed springs contour to your body providing added support and durability.
- DREAMFOAM- Manufactured in New Zealand in a way that reduces pollutants and improves air quality, Dreamfoam is a high density foam core which provides pillowy comfort with strengthened support.

Crafted with nature


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